Impressions of Travel

In the last 40 years I was always travelling in camping car. I think, I was one of the first (perhaps the first) to convert myself a Fiat 238 in Italy. At this time you could see only, becaming from North Countrys, some very small VW whith the roof that you can open. After I used a Fiat 242, fantastic for difficult way. Very strong, slow in running but indefatigable.
With those campingcars I went like a turist, in holyday, around all Italy first, in France e United Kingdom after.
I am very happy for this long experience of canpingcar life.


In the last 3 years, after I cloused my shop, I have been travelling across Europe for 6 mounths per years by a Hymer 594.
In 2011 I was visiting Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and at least I stopped in Ukraina for 5 mounths.
In 2012 I was around all coasts and some internal of France, England and Scotland.
In 2013 fantastic trip through France, Spain, Portugal and again Spain, where I met Belle; with her I am starting a new stage for our future life in campingcar.

Now I want only to report some few impressions that I had in every Countrys visited in those 3 years.
If somebody could be interested for more details, I ‚ ll be happy to send.
For every trip I have a detailed report day per day with more than 100 of pictures.

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