2011- Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Ukraina

2011 – Km. 6.060

Impressions of Travel

In the last 40 years I was always travelling in camping car. I think, I was one of the first (perhaps the first) to convert myself a Fiat 238 in Italy. At this time you could see only, becaming from North Countrys, some very small VW whith the roof that you can open. After I used a Fiat 242, fantastic for difficult way. Very strong, slow in running but indefatigable.
With those campingcars I went like a turist, in holyday, around all Italy first, in France e United Kingdom after.
I am very happy for this long experience of canpingcar life.

To Lilly!

Best Friends!

We are so similar! You are my Sister! This Sister I’ve never had! I feel so appear to you! It is strange! Never felt in this way! Never! And I know, you understand me! That’s the true what we have together! Unbelieveable!

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