Impressioni di Viaggio

In questi ultimi 40 anni ho sempre viaggiato in camper. Credo di essere stato uno dei primi (forse il primo ?) ad allestire artigianalmente un Fiat 238 in Italia. A quei tempi si vedevano solo, provenienti dai paesi del Nord, dei piccoli VW col tetto apribile. Successivamente ho avuto un Fiat 242, mezzo favoloso per percorssi difficili. Un vero mulo, lento ma infaticabile.

Impressions of Travel

In the last 40 years I was always travelling in camping car. I think, I was one of the first (perhaps the first) to convert myself a Fiat 238 in Italy. At this time you could see only, becaming from North Countrys, some very small VW whith the roof that you can open. After I used a Fiat 242, fantastic for difficult way. Very strong, slow in running but indefatigable.
With those campingcars I went like a turist, in holyday, around all Italy first, in France e United Kingdom after.
I am very happy for this long experience of canpingcar life.

Hymer Mobil 594

Unser treuer Begleiter auf unseren Reisen ist ein Hymer Mobil 594, den man immer wieder oben auf den wechselnden Bannern sehen kann.

Hymer Mobil 594

Hier aufgenommen am 03.10.2013 in #Palmones in #Südspanien (gegenüber sieht man Gibraltar).

Das Innenleben schaut so aus.
594-2  594-3