Portugal – Algarve – Faro – Carrapateira – Praia da Bordeira


Country and Area:

Portugal – #Algarve


#Carrapateira #Portugal #Portogallo
Praia da Bordeira – Estrada da Praia – Ribeira Carrapateira – Portugal



Area (Beach or Forest):

Parking on Grit behind the Ribeira Carrapateira and the Praia da Bordeira

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Date of last Visit:

21.02.2017 – 28.02.2017 → 7 Days

Quality of Area:

Behind the Ribeira Carrapateira is a big Parking on Grit. You can’t cross this Ribeira Carrapateira by feet, there is no Bridge! Only by feet in the Water you can reach the Praia da Bordeira