Portugal – Lisboa – Sintra – Fontanelas – Praia da Aguda


Country and Area:

Portugal – #Lisboa


#Fontanelas #Portugal #Portugal #Portogallo #Portugal
Largo da Praia da Aguda, Fontanelas #Sintra Portugal



Area (Beach or Forest):

Parking on the Cliffs / Beach – 62m over the Sea

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Date of last Visit:

17.03.2017 – 20.03.2017 → 3 Days
18.05.2015 – 19.05.2015 → 1Day

Quality of Area:

Parking on Asphalt on the Cliffs
You can reach the Beach with Stairs (round 250 Steps!)
You can walk or ride with a Mountain-Bike for a lot of Kilometers in the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais