Spain – Castilla-La Mancha – Cuenca – San Clemente


Country and Area:

Spain – #Castilla-La Mancha


San #Clemente #Spain #Spanien #Spagna #España
Carretera Cementerio, 17 – 16600 San Clemente – #Cuenca – Castilla-La Mancha – Spain



Area (Beach or Forest):

Area Sosta Camper – 717m over the Sea

Google Maps,-2.4357581

Date of last Visit:

20.04.2016 – 21.04.2016

Quality of Area:

Parking in a Area Sosta Camper – max. 72h
A little River is going near this Parking.
The Cemetery is near and it looks, that there is sometimes an open Market directly beside.
It ist not permitted to put Chairs or a Table out – only Parking – no Camping!