Camper-News – You need Help?

You need Help?

We – Baffo Grigio and me (belle) are maybe able to help you in some Work.

Baffo Grigio is like an Engineer and he is able to solve a lot of Problems around a Camper.
A lot of things inside our Hymer Camper are created and Handmade by him. From electrical Applications to remaking furnishing.
I saw a lot, what he have done in the past – and a lot of Time I was really impressed!

I (belle) can help you with your Computer, if you have Problems. I am sure not a Genie (I have also a PC-Guru, if I can’t solve a Problem for myself), but I can help you in a lot of things around the Computer.
Hardware not – I can help you with Software or the System.
If you have Problems with the Computer or with a Software, maybe I can help you.
Also – if you need Help in Office. If you need to write a letter or create Visitcards. No Problem.
And – I can help you to build and create your Website. I build a lot of Websites in the past and I now very well, how to do it. Our Website ♥ ♥ ♥ Camper-News ♥ ♥ ♥ is created by myself – and I work every day on this Website.
I will create your Website in this way, that you can work for your own on it (after a short way to show you, how to do it).
I love also the work with a Photocamera and I catched a lot of good Pictures in the past (some People said to me, that I have „the Eye for the Photo“). I am a Photographer since I am a Child.
I love to photograph your Camper, yourself, your Childs or your Animals professionally.
At the Moment all Pictures I made are only catched with a Handy-Cam.
But in short Time we can show Photos in a very high Quality, cause I will buy a new, very good Camera.

Ask us!
belle & Baffo Grigio – the Team of ♥ ♥ ♥ Camper-News♥ ♥ ♥

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