Camper-News – Rules

Rules must be.

We – the Team of ♥ ♥ ♥ Camper-News ♥ ♥ ♥ – expect a friendly handling to each other. The Netiquette should be known for our Visitors.

We accept no inappropriate Texts, Images, Links, Videos und Spam-Entries. 1)
We reserve the right to delete – without a Comment – inappropriate Entries.
With repeated violation of a registered Users – this can lead to permanent exclusion of our community.

The Right of the own Picture – Copyright:
If you leave Images (Texts) – please be sure, that you have the RIGHTS to publish this Image (Text)! NEVER use Images (Texts) that you found somewhere in the Internet. Use ONLY Images (Texts) that you made (wrote) for yourself!
If one of your Photos show other People (max. 3 People), take care, that you have the OKAY from this People, to publish this Image! Otherwise it could be a great Problem!
It is not a Problem with Photos with more than 3 People.
The same Rules are also for Videos.
Also some Buildings you DON’T have to publish! Please look in the Internet for some Information, if your Image in any way against the LAW to publish contrary!

Who can what do on our Site?
Read: Every Visitor can read all Entries and Reports on our Website.
Comment: Every Visitor can leave a Comment to all Entries and Reports – all Comments will be checked from an Administrator.
Leave a new Entry: Only registered Users are able to leave a new Entry.
Administration: Only Administrators are able to modify or delete every Entry.
Only Administrators are able to check Comments, to accept and to publish on our Website – or to delete.
Only registered Users are able to modify or delete their own Entries.
Comments could not be modified or deleted vom registered Users.

In this Minds – we are happy about every Registration.

Greetings, belle, Baffo Grigio & Nicol ♥

1) Glorifying violence Texts, Images oder Videos or Hyperlinks to this Sites.
Pornography in every kind or Hyperlinks to this Sites.
Heretical content or Hyperlinks to this Sites.

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